Being analog with the Leica M6

Nearly a decade ago I bought an analog Leica M6 camera from the 80s. Back then I photographed a short while with it, but really fast recognized, that it doesn’t felt that right for me. Owning an old vintage camera for the most people gets them a good feeling. Vintage lovers love that kind of stuff… but not me. For me a camera is a really personal tool, a tool I want to know from the first day and a tool I want to write my own story with it. I wanna know each scratch and how the camera got it. I wanna know the story of the camera from the beginning.

So then I decided to sell the camera and also to postpone the whole analog experience to an unknown time in the future.

Then in the autum 2022, Leica came out with a big news about bringing back the Leica M6, completely like in the old days. This news combined with the campaign “write your story” caught me totally and touched my Leica Heart.

Now the result, owning my own brand new Leica M6 (2022) brought my photography again to a new level of attention and awareness of the essentials. Rather, it is the same as it always is with photography and within one single photograph – past, present and future.

So for all people out there who are thinking about starting analog photography… latest when you have developed your first analog film by yourself, that feeling when you first see what you get then you recognize, there happens something magical. For me analog photography has something romantic, something pure and raw, something that takes out the essential of a moment in lifetime more intense, more focused then ever before. Simply wonderful & unique…

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