Whats in my Bag

Not long ago, FOTOmagazin approached me and asked me what I have in my photo bag for their ongoing series “Ausgepackt”. The resolution is here:

For both my commissioned work and, of course, my own projects, I take only my Leicas. This includes three camera bodies, both digital and analog: the M10 Monochrome, the M10-R Black Paint (Limited Edition) and the M6 (2022). Equipped with the Leica lenses Summilux-M 1.4/35 mmASPH., Summilux-M 1.4/50 mm ASPH. and Summarit-M 2.4/90 mm ASPH. depending on the situation. Next to the Leica card case with three memory cards are two black-and-white 35mm films from Wolfen NP100 and Cinestill BWXX 200. The leather Matterhorn photo backpack from Oberwerth contains two spare batteries with charger and the Leica Visoflex viewfinder. Other accessories include a B+W ND 0.9 gray filter, a bellows from Rollei, and a notebook especially for recording analog photography. I process digital images directly on the road with the Apple Macbook Pro (14 inch with M2 Max).

On street in Prague
Being analog with the Leica M6