Liebeslänglich – Cover & Booklet for Davenport.

Controversial and at the same time linked, Nicole Martin, the singer from “all about davenport”, describes it so aptly. On the one hand for life, which has extremely negative associations but also allows for a positive view at the same time, for example permanence, irrevocable for the rest of your life.

On the other hand love, such a powerful word with so many facets. There are many dimensions to love for us, love for our partner, family or, in the case of the band, for music. For this reason, Nicole and Michael are combining their love for music with their attachment to it: love for life.

I’ve been close friends with the two musician from “all about davenport” for many years now and keep in contact with them at their brilliant concerts. So I was all the more delighted that they used real photography on their third album for a change instead of artwork. Naturally, they didn’t have to beg for long to convince me to produce the cover and booklet. A little while later, we found ourselves in the English Garden again in Munich on a warm summer’s evening and it will be the deep conversations just as much as the resulting photographs that remain in our memories forever.

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