A photographic journey on Sylt by Alexander von Wiedenbeck

The Exhibition from 03.07. to 30.07.2022 in Westerland on Sylt
is funded by Sylter Kunstfreunde e.V. as part of their INSELKÜNSTLER 2022 project.

Over the years, I discovered an island that is able to offer much more than reports on television or in glossy magazines are only too happy to convey about Sylt. From quiet, remote and almost magical places to the usual hotspots, but devoided from people, allowed the natural spectacle of lights and shadows to unfold completely freely – without any distraction. The WATTENRUH exhibition and the associated exhibition catalogue, the „Watthof Tagebuch“, are a photographic hodgepodge that not only shows the essentials and the magic of a unique island, but through its sometimes extensive panorama photographs also allows the viewer to really get into the scenario and immerse into this incredible peace and quietness.

Saturday 02.07.2022 at 5 pm

Laudatory Speech
Petra Nies, 1. Chairwoman Sylter Kunstfreunde e.V.
Alexander von Wiedenbeck, Photographer / Inselkünstler 2022

From 03.07. to 30.07.2022
Daily from 1 pm to 6 pm, and also Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am to 12 noon.

Stadtgalerie „Alte Post“
Stephanstraße 4, 25980 Sylt / Westerland, Germany

Sylter Kunstfreunde e.V.