Tiana Kunioka

The island group of Hawaii could not be any more dazzling. From the white sandy beaches to the port town of Honolulu to the still bubbling volcano on Big Island, there is plenty on offer here. The islands in the Pacific Ocean are a magical place for tourists, dropouts and creative types but also for locals.

Far more magical than I could initially have suspected before the native Hawaiian and public figure Tiana Kunioka crossed my path by chance on the island of Kauai. Neither of us hesitated a second and we set off instantly to explore the island together the very next day. Tiana showed me the spots and forgotten beaches that gave me a little insight into the island’s magic.

It must have been less special for Tiana herself, but she also exuded that something special. She communicated a peace and contentment that you rarely experience. Undoubtedly very infectious qualities that definitely make it worth travelling to these magical islands again.