On Street in Graz

On Street


Our world’s streets offer a sheer endless variety of impressions and unique moments. An improvised drama that produces new surprises day in day out. Different cultures and people, the architecture of bygone eras spread over the globe, as a whole offering the attentive observer a visual explosion of moments that simply have to be captured.

I have been able to observe these explosions more than once on all my travels across the continents. Whether consciously or unconsciously, I’ve been able to capture those impressions that magically attracted my attention through my own eyes. It’s impossible to describe why this is the case, it simply happened and is still happening. The “On Street” series is a unique endless painting that will never reach a state of completion. The moments and captured instants continue to incessantly grow and merge into an unstoppable expansion, spreading without any possible end, along the lines of the universe in which we all live.

Graz, Austria