New York – New York

New York City, the city that never sleeps. Whether it’s on business for a production or just for a private short break, my travels have taken me to the Big Apple several times already. But it definitely never gets boring. The city has so much more to offer than almost any other. From Brooklyn to Manhattan, along 5th Avenue to Battery Park, by boat over the Hudson River to the former Immigration Centre and then back to Long Island. Whichever direction you’re heading in there’s loads to explore and an abundance of impressions from a photography perspective.

Sure, there are hundreds of photographs that you could show but there are very few intensive shots which have left behind a lasting impression. I have been able to capture unique moments over the years, for example the building of the One World Trade Center. One unique instant in the building of a skyscraper which is irretrievable in that form. Or a policeman armed with a truncheon after a rally on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. I can still vividly remember each of these moments and hear the cries of demonstrators in Grand Central Station.

One thing is for sure in any case, this buzzing metropolis has not fascinated me for the last time and our shared history will continue to be written… and photographed.