Nepal Earthquake 2015

April 25th in 2015, a date which the people of Nepal certainly do not forget so quickly. It was the day when the country and especially the city of Kathmandu were haunted by one of the most horrible earthquakes in their history. With nearly 8,000 deaths, the country’s most lethal catastrophe was the subject of history.

This date, this catastrophe, will always be remembered to me, because a few hours before the earthquake, I was still in a hospital in Kathmandu. After my photo-production for the Calendar issue 2016 of CARE austria, I had an intensive food poisoning in the province of Chitwan and I had to be flown out immediately to the next hospital in Kathmandu.

During my treatment there, I was signaled that I should remain there for a few more days until I could get better. But my flight was already booked and the circumstances of the transfer were too great, so after long discussions with the chief physician I left the hospital at my own risk and traveled back to Germany on the early morning of April 25, When I arrived at the airport, I heard about the disaster that had befallen the country immediately after my departure.

I sincerely hope that the so cordial people of Nepal, which I have met on my journey, came back into life, two years after the accident. Since that day and the fate was well with me, I am very sure that one day my ways will lead me there again and we meet again.