Mika Amaro

Pure fervor can drive us for our passions … it gives us courage, strength and leads our skills! The passion of mika amaro from Cologne, it is her fascination for bicycles, coupled with her passion to create high-quality and innovative bikes “Made in Germany”.

“Cycling means living for us.  … Speed only bound by our own bodies intoxicates us and our bodies pulse with life when we use our muscles. We discover our cities and people on a bike. There’s sure to be a new encounter at the next traffic light. “

So far the philosophy of the Cologne bike manufacturer … and it was exactly the same that fascinated me and I wanted to put myself to the test. A raid through the beautiful city of Berlin was not a disappointment, you discovered new ways, meets people who are notoriously avoiding the subway and you feel the nature, the wind blows through your face … and suddenly it felt again clearly, the pure passion for my passion – the photography!