Behind the Scenes in Northern Thailand

In the truest sense of the word, the paths led us over rough and smooth into the depths of the jungle in northern Thailand. For a reportage about the refugees from Myanmar (formerly Burma), I was allowed to fly for CARE Austria and the Raks Thai Foundation in the far north to Chiang Mai, followed by a 6-hour drive into the deep province towards the border to Myanmar. What we discovered there was a different Thailand than usually known from the catalogs of the travel companies. A mountain and valley landscape almost completely covered with forests as green as if they were from a sketched book. A nature in such bright colors cannot be found everywhere.

At the same time in the middle of this idyll, a population once on the run trying to build a new life here. Despite all cultural and religious overcoming, the people from Myanmar have to try to create a coexistence here with the people from Thailand…. with success as I was allowed to experience! The term “experience” is also the common thread of my personal experiences on this trip. From the spartan accommodations shown here to the stories of the Hmong (to explain: indigenous people in Asia), it was a completely new and maybe even a little bit of a spiritual experience for me. This was probably also the reason for all companions, which is why we unanimously decided on the title “Experience Thailand”, for the exhibition of my photographs that have been shown in a traveling exhibition in Vienna, Dornbirn b. Bregenz and Bangkok.