Genny Miliano in New York

“All our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” said the New Yorker Genny Miliano. Great dreams call for great acts. We often strive for our desires and goals, but they don’t always seem achievable, at least from our own objective perspective. Usually it just requires a firm belief though and taking that one more step at precisely the place where others perhaps stopped. One single step that can define our entire future life – one step that she took.

Today, she is one of the established names in the New York entertainment industry, but Genny already aimed for the stars of the big city lights and was on the stage at reputable festivals and musicals at a young age. She is also known as a plus size model on the New York fashion scene. She has already been on the catwalk at numerous established fashion shows in New York and in front of the camera of many renowned colleagues… and it was therefore perhaps by chance, or not really, that our paths crossed in New York.