G7 Gipfel in Germany

I could not be any less interested in politics. There are no limits to the imagination here, from left to right and right down the centre. Owing to the creativity of one or two brilliant figures, you could actually classify politics as an art genre. And it was precisely this that took me to Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the G7 summit.

I actually accepted an invitation from Jonas and Simon, two street artist friends from Berlin. They’d printed the portraits of the major economic powers’ seven leaders’ heads onto three-dimensional balloons for the charity organisation ONE. It’s difficult to imagine what sort of super computer you need to be able to generate these kinds of print files. The result of the huge floating faces of Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, François Hollande, David Cameron, Matteo Renzi, Shinzō Abe and Stephen Harper over the town was even more impressive in the end.

As part of this though, I couldn’t avoid experiencing the whole spectacle, demonstrations and posse of police surrounding the event. The days passed surprisingly peacefully and what remained was the police overtime and the bitter after-taste for the demonstrators of the fruitless talks between the seven creative minds.