Stern magazine about HOPE by Alexander von Wiedenbeck.

Sleep in the cemetery – work in the garbage! for the International Street Children’s Day, a wonderful article by Denise Fernholz for the Stern Magazine.

Preview of the article at the Stern magazine (in extracts):
Garbage mountains, rats, emaciated street dogs, homeless children. The conditions on the Philippines have shocked the Munich photographer Alexander von Wiedenbeck. The so-called “cemetery and garbage dumping children” there often have to collect returnable bottles, look for salable material on the landfill or dig into hospital waste in order to earn something to earn a living for the family. Living conditions that seem unimaginable here in Germany.

The photographer actually devoted his work to fashion, advertising and portraits of well-known personalities. But he was looking for something more meaningful – something he could give back to the world. In 2015, he traveled together with the aid organization “Action Group Children in Need e.V.” to the Philippines to portray the fate of “cemetery and garbage dumpsters”. He calls this experience the “most terrible and at the same time most beautiful journey” of his life.

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