Refugees in Northern Thailand.

Thailand: This is primarily holiday, fun, sun and sea. But Thailand also has more than 1.5 million people from Myanmar who had to leave their country years ago. More than half of them have no legal status, their children can not go to school.

In Bangkok, the journey started with a photography reportage, which shows the deep insights of the lives of these refugees. The focus was not on the negative aspects of the escape, it was much more the intention to show the positive side / the positive development of the integration.

Nowadays is is too much established to describe the human being, dubbed “refugee” with negative associations. All the more beautiful and valuable is therefore this special reportage of a successful integration of a foreign culture into the social life in northern Thailand.

This is primarily due to the tireless efforts of CARE Thailand, which, through its projects, promotes the school education as well as the economic strengthening of the people of Myanmar. Together with the Austrian counterpart of CARE, the resulting photographs were used to conceptualise a touring exhibition, which celebrates its premiere in the Weltmuseum Wien in December 2018 and subsequently moves to the Art & Culture Center nach Bangkok.

Exhibition – Experience Thailand in Vienna
Fashion/Editorial – Une Odysée