a photographer’s passion

If you deeply love what you do, it is probably the most wonderful gift in your lifetime. I lost my heart & my passion in photography, or more precisely, in telling authentic but creative, fictive stories.

Whether it is a reportage with a true story behind it to discover, photographed in an authentic way and combined with the personal experience of the captured moment, or if it is an editorial or campaign, with a fictive story just out of my mind, creative and developed in a kind of art. The experience of almost two decades shaped my awareness to focus on the essentials. Creating unique photography stories for brands, agencies, aid organizations or magazines is the engine that makes my daily lifetime so wonderful.

After all, it should end up in a photograph that is lasting and valuable. A photograph that is authentic, real and honest. Characteristics that are the most important to convey a feeling. That´s the aim for my photography, being authentic and honest. Creating photography that makes the viewer able to identify, recognize and most importantly, discover something worthwhile within the story – a visual expression that excited. A photograph that people want to look at a second time, again and again…

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GEORG ET AREND – Lookbook Fall & Winter 22/23
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