On street in Normandy

A place that not only has a great historical significance in general, but also has long been of great interest to me photographically – the north of France. The Normandy was already for many “grand masters” of photography and personal “influencers” the desired backdrop for many photo series. Each time anew came with me then the realization that I must go there. So it finally came that I immediately after my trip to Lisbon, made a stopover in Paris and went by car to Normandy. Let’s call it actually a kind of location scouting for future productions, but resulted in great landscape and street photography.

The city of Le Havre, the starting point of my daily exploration tours, also offered me great moments that needed to be captured. Subsequently, I could explore the beautiful cliffs around Étretat, which are still very marked by the Second World War. Numerous tunnel systems, built at the time by hand with shovel and pick, still extend through the partly 10-20 meter high coasts. History as close and tangible as you can hardly get anywhere else.

At the end of the trip and for me indispensable, a visit to Le-Mont-Saint-Michel. Such an impressive city, built on a lonely hill in the middle of a Wadden Sea, which you will probably not find a second time in this world. The only downer, the access road to the city was completely renewed a few years ago and today you can only reach it by foot or by buses, which drive tourists back and forth in five-minute intervals. For my taste, unfortunately, a destruction of this historic place. The old city walls and buildings surrounded by nature and then in the middle of it, an ultra-modern new road with stainless steel railings and modern buses that dominate the image… Well, nevertheless, I managed to fade out the modernity and focus on the essentials, the history and the pompous townscape of Mont Saint Michel.

I’m already looking forward to when I’m allowed to realize another, or rather the first, planned photo series in the Normandy. See you again – in any case.

Early Retrospective – Exhibition