On Street in London

Actually intended as a private short vacation, as a passionate photographer you can of course never avoid packing your camera. London is a city that has always fascinated me and yet I had never made it there in all these years. Countless times there were plans to do this… that ended up with me ending up in Paris, Los Angeles or somewhere else entirely… why, I have no idea.

But now it finally worked and I was able to discover this impressive city with its countless facets. Basically, every major international city probably has these numerous facets. I’ve seen and recorded it many times, but only rarely, at least in my opinion, is it so concentrated from one corner to the other. From the banking district, to the historic squares and buildings, to the artists’ quarter and all of it is full of rich and poor, creative and conservative people. Strictly religious and at the same time absolutely cosmopolitan, a city presents itself with a charm dedicated to European history and at the same time an attitude towards the world that is open, understanding, curious and just… cool!

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