On street in Lisbon

Portugal, a very popular destination for globetrotters and historical starting point for many previous explorers & travelers. A duty call of course for someone like me and honestly also amazing that it took so long until my ways led me there. Surely it won’t be the last time either, because just discovering the beautiful city of Lisbon took all the days of this trip without exception. The numerous areas of the city, each with a special and unique charm, can captivate a photographer for a very long time. To linger at the harbor over a coffee, then stroll via Pink Street to Bairro Alto to hang out there in the evening in the small streets – fabulous.

The photographic journey of discovery in Lisbon shown here will certainly not be the last that I have made of Portugal and I am already looking forward to a reunion.

Analog vs. digital Portrait
Early Retrospective – Behind the Exhibition