Moments of Happiness – the blacksmith of his own happiness.

New day, new happiness – countless phrases and quotes can be found all over the world about happiness. They could hardly be more different. Harald Juhnke, a famous german entertainer once defined happiness with the phrase “no appointments and have had one too many” – whose content you can agree without hesitation. But as different as the advice and the quotes may be, in a certain way every one of them has its truth content … one more, the other less. But even the interpretation of the same sometimes reveals great differences. The pessimist, who usually discovers a downside in every beautiful wisdom, faces the hapless fool who chases after the sack full of gold at the end of the rainbow every day without learning to learn what is possible. The question remains, today in the 21st century and the connected world, how it can be that there is still no single formula, no recipe for true happiness. While some try to understand and learn, others wave off good fortune with pure destiny, leaving their lives to chance, hoping that they are among those lucky people to whom success and contentment literally end up like this.

“Happiness is not a gift of the gods, but the fruit of inner attitude.“
Erich Fromm (1900-1980)

Well, I may admit that I for myself do not believe in chance or a predestined destiny. If so, and there was a blackboard somewhere in the universe where our whole life was already predetermined, what sense would it be to consciously participate in one’s life, make decisions, or even have feelings of hope and faith? No, I vehemently refuse to believe that. We all make new decisions every day in our lives. We say yes or no to something, we decide to go right or left. Not a few of these decisions are shaped by the previous events in our lives and the associated experiences and impressions. Disappointments and failures make us grow and teach us to do better next time … or they don‘t. It is up to each individual himself how he or she consciously absorbs and processes these experiences of life, and learns from them more cautiously, or wisely, to follow the path ahead in a different way.

As much as I refuse chance or predestined destiny, the more I believe in the happiness we forge for ourselves. Because the belief in the success, the hope for a positive outcome and the love and passion with which we approach our tasks and projects and meet our fellow human beings, with whom we support our personal life, are always with us in our everyday decisions and at the end of the day gives us what we call happiness. We all see the breeding ground of our own and self-determined future every day, magically attracting what we (ourselves) live.

However, in our fast-moving time, shaped by external circumstances, the mainstream and commercial concerns, it is precisely this belief, hope and love & passion that are sometimes lost. Much too fast and unconsciously we rush through everyday life without being aware of it, so that we mostly just “work”. We indispensably take the moments and results as given and hide our awareness that we could have it in our own hands.

It could be so easy. A little bit more attention for the small things in life, for the little pleasures that meet us every day anew. Times can be so stressful or supposedly fateful, but we still experience good things every day. Be it a nice conversation with a good friend or neighbor, for which we can be grateful. The circumstance to get a good parking lot in the city center in front of the barber, or just a small, seemingly banal thing, how to find a lucky cent on the way to work.

“Take time to celebrate the little moments of happiness in your life.
If you can not do that, you’re unlikely to celebrate the big ones.”
Unknown author

Especially the lucky cent, the smallest available unit of our means of payment, should give the finder or the recipient great wealth. Mind you in all matters of our life. The lucky cent originated elsewhere. He is the small offshoot of the golden thaler, who were nailed to the stable door in the early Middle Ages or carried along to drive away evil witches. In its present day symbolism, I could hardly imagine anything better as a central means of giving happiness. Such a small and uncomplicated gift that can make such a big impact. Those who by their attention discover the little things in life like a lucky penny, whose consciousness will always be open in order to rekindle the faith, the hope and the love & passion.

With “Moments of Happiness”, I want to make people consciously stop for a moment and reopen over the moment, through the symbol of the Cent of happiness, for all the good, and become aware of our possibilities through the power of our faith, our hope and our love & passion for ourselves and our lives. The little things in life can motivate us to achieve greater things, to realize our goals and dreams, and to celebrate a full and happy life. Because when we start to live life consciously and walk attentively through everyday life, recognize the right moments and moments as such … then everything is possible!

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