Künstlerhaus Eggenfelden

A project of the heart von Wiedenbeck

The idea for a “Künstlerhaus”, a spacious exhibition space for year-round exhibitions, came about over 9 years ago. As a photographer who has realized numerous exhibitions in my hometown of Eggenfelden in Germany as well as internationally, you get to know the diversity of the possibilities as well as the visitors and the audience. I got to know the many positive aspects of the Schlossökonomie in Gern, Eggenfelden, with the large exhibition rooms at the Gotische Kasten and the great ambience in the same and the excellent infrastructure. Nevertheless, despite the many possibilities, there are a few, but not insignificant, handicaps for those who work creatively. On the one hand, there is the relatively short duration of the exhibitions due to the fact that the rooms are booked for numerous other events throughout the year and large exhibitions can only take place for a period of around 2-3 weeks. If you also consider the enormous amount of time spent organizing the exhibitions and the enormously high costs for the same and the large advertising effort to address as many visitors as possible in this short time, in the end the only conclusion is that it is an extreme pity for the region and the creative professionals that they can no longer hold these wonderful exhibitions. For these and other reasons, the idea of an “Künstlerhaus” in and for the region arose in 2015, an exhibition space where exhibitions can take place and be visited 52 weeks and 365 days a year and the duration of the individual exhibitions is of 2-3 weeks can be extended to 2-3 months, that’s it – my heart’s desire, the project of my heart.

Now at the beginning of 2024 I was finally able to get one step closer to this dream and was able to purchase an existing, historic building to make this dream come true. The property that has now been acquired, the former warrior home in Eggenfelden, seems almost perfect for the realization of the Künstlerhaus. In addition to the excellent location with its proximity to the city center and the numerous public parking options in the surrounding area, it is also the historical background that ideally complements the project with a cultural character.

The warrior home, once created to provide care for homeless soldiers, is tainted with the stigma of the Second World War, which of course is always a part of our society, albeit from a dark time, and must not be forgotten. The former warrior’s home now has a new and, above all, positive purpose for the realization of art exhibitions and the promotion of artists from the region and all of Bavaria. A transformation that equally reflects the development and openness of society and yet maintains the historical idea, even with the immediate proximity to the war memorial.

The historic building, which is visibly showing its age, is expected to be completely renovated from autumn 2024. The exhibition rooms for the Künstlerhaus Eggenfelden will be created on the ground floor on a total of around 150 square meters. In addition to additional storage and sanitary rooms, a Künstlerhaus apartment is also being planned and set up for all those visitors and guests who have to travel further afield.

Completion and opening of the Künstlerhaus Eggenfelden is planned for summer 2026. Further information about the house will follow later this year at www.kuenstlerhaus-eggenfelden.de and a visual diary of the renovation can be found at www.instagram.com/kuenstlerhaus.eggenfelden

Support and funding are very welcome – please feel free to contact me personally at alexander@vonwiedenbeck.com at any time.

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