HOPE – the film about the exhibition.

The premiere of the exhibition HOPE – by Alexander von Wiedenbeck in my hometown Eggenfelden was a complete success in all respects. More than 300 invited guests to the vernissage and almost 1,000 visitors during the exhibition time were able to generate a total of over 25,000 euros in donations by selling the exhibits and the exhibition catalog for the cemetery and dumpsite children at the Philippines. A result that can be seen, especially for a place with just 14,000 inhabitants.

Without knowing it in advance, it was already reason enough to capture this premiere and the unforgettable evening of the opening in moving pictures. The filmmaker Michael Key made his own way from Munich on the way to the Bavarian province. Together with two assistants, they succeeded in capturing the evening with all its facets and bringing it into a dignified format. For the subsequent post-production, Michael and I met again in the studio in Eggenfelden, in my studio in Berlin and in his production room in Munich.

Not without coincidence, one of Martin Luther King’s most famous speeches made its contribution to this film. Rather than the idea of ​​racial equality between black and white, I wanted to substantiate his speech with the idea that the all-embracing fundamental idea in the world should be that of ALL, regardless of ethnic origins or other distinguishing features, regardless of our geographical origin should have the right and the opportunities to make the most of his life. No matter whether you come from an elite house in Europe, or from the dumps in the Philippines. A right to education and a right to health should be granted to every human being. The possibilities for this we would have – it would only be the (whole) world come together to work together on the solution.

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