DIE WELT von Wiedenbeck

In 2004, still in my early 20s, it all started for me with the founding of an owner-managed advertising agency. For more than 15 years I realized numerous campaigns, advertising concepts and designs for well-known brands and large medium-sized companies throughout Europe. These extensive projects also led me to photography, because design & concept on their own, are often not the big picture. To determine the creation of my ArtWorks significantly myself, by also realizing the photography for it, was due to my demand for perfection and led in the end to great & sustainable campaigns with international recognition.

My focus has increasingly turned to photography over the years, but photography alone is also often not the big picture. As a photographer, you have just as many tasks when you are not pressing the shutter release or dealing with selection of the photographs. Design & concept, for example, always remained a part of my work, due to my numerous books and the extensive exhibitions. In addition, this journal in which this article was to be found, for a long time a part of my work, making my photography or also the work behind & besides, additionally with words accessible.

Producing and sales of the limited fine art prints of my photographs is also part of my daily business. For a long time, I had external providers take over this task. Far too often, however, and again due to my obsession for perfection, the results were often not of the quality I would have liked. This finally led to the foundation of the BLACK BOX GALLERY, to unite everything under one, under my roof.

But now enough of the words, all these parts of my life and my passion and many more, you are welcome to discover DIE WELT von Wiedenbeck.

MEISTERclass von Wiedenbeck
Early Retrospective – Exhibition