My first book.

It has been a few weeks since my trip to the silence and emptiness of the Wadden Sea on the North Sea. The urge for free creative work, the impulse for the whole venture, was quenched for the time being. Now it was a matter of getting the “created” into shape in order to ultimately make something sustainable from it. Something that can be preserved for generations, as long as its value is not just a fantasy of my imagination… something like a book, a photo book with a related story of the former motives that brought me on this journey with my 12 companions.

Producing a book is certainly not an easy task, provided you want to live up to your claim and actually want to create a photo book with high value. Where do you start? First find the right and necessary partner? Lithography, editor, publisher, printer, bookbinder? … or the image selection, the design or the story? When it comes to the approach, there are certainly many paths to success, but to me, the paths first led me to the Hotel Wiesler in Graz in Austria. For me, without a doubt, a place that allowed me to be 100% myself without any external influences. Just me and myself, a hotel room, a restaurant, a hotel bar and a myriad of handwritten notes, which could hardly be deciphered, as well as countless printed photographs, which had to be lined up … not according to system or rules, rather the selection was owed a gut feeling every single time. If I am completely honest myself, it was a gut feeling right from the start. From the idea itself, the trip to the north, the choice of my companions, to finally choosing the “right” paper for the book, everything owed only to one feeling. Can this be the right way to a high quality and sustainable work – a gut feeling?

Perhaps a question that makes it impossible for me to make an impartial judgment. The answer to the question is therefore owed to each individual viewer & reader himself!

© Behind the Scenes photographs by Oliver Bensch.

A Revolution „Back to Basics”.

Striving for true freedom seems to be an unreachable challenge… and yet, you would like to discover the limits. In a world full of twists and turns, you could miss the essential moment. The moment that could change everything…

At the end, the desire remains after this exciting feeling in the middle of the full development of your own mind. With freedom on the horizon, you strive directly for what your heart claims… and then you know, this is not striving… It‘s an obsession!

Obsession for Freedom!

The first work of Alexander von Wiedenbeck
Limitierte Edition 1.000 Exemplare
108 Seiten im Format 220x280mm gedruckt in Novaton
ISBN 978-3-00-045259-8

>>> The Book here available

Obsession for Freedom
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