Behind the Scenes at Obsession for Freedom.

The choice for the place of the trip was of course no coincidence, but well considered and led us consciously to the island of sylt and the wadden sea. i think only here, when the water has gone and the silence and the infinite width has spread out, only then you are able to develop absolutely freely and unaffectedly, be completely yourself and maybe discover something new between all this.

Like four vagabonds, my four protagonists, all the helpers and myself went through the solitude of this beautiful island. The search for a sense of true freedom always in the horizon. But the moment in which we feel very comfortable was not as simple as it sounds, given the size of the big team. Two vans and a car under roof packed with equipment and people are needed from one set to the other. In a total of 6 days, we have created more than 15 different settings, with results you can’t imagine before.

Thanks to the really warm hospitality of the Watthof in Rantum we can rely on local help at any time, as well as thanks to their help the VW Käfer (which incidentally is one of the first 500 produced vehicles) almost by accident found his way to us and ended up in an important essential of OBSESSION FOR FREEDOM.

© Behind the Scenes photographs by Matthias Eberl

Fashion/Editorial – Sylt en Vogue
HOPE by Alexander von Wiedenbeck