Vergeßt mir die Liebe nicht!

An essay about love from Alexander von Wiedenbeck.

I’ve met someone. It was a coincidence, I did not look for it, I was not on the prowl. It was the perfect storm, a random chain of circumstances that led to this one moment. One word gave the other and suddenly, in the middle of conversation, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Now I have that feeling that she could be the woman of my life – that’s the good news!

The bad news – I do not know how I can be with her. It scares me terribly, because if I can not be with her now, I feel like we’re losing out there. It’s a big world full of unpredictable turns, people often have a veiled look on things and miss the crucial moment – the moment that could have changed everything. Yesterday, my life still led in one direction, today it leads to another and I feel that something significant has happened.

How is that possible? I have just met her, and yet I know: she is the love of my life!

Vergeßt mir die Liebe nicht!

Limited Edition 1.000 pieces
64 pages in format 160x220mm printed in Novaton
ISBN 978-3-00-062235-9

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