Everything we create in life should
show its meaning!

Alexander von Wiedenbeck
Photographer, Art Director & Author

“Alexander, the world is not about you!” …


… this, at first glance harsh statement of a very good friend of mine, was actually considered rather prankful, but had triggered a far-reaching thought for me.


It can be quite an exciting process to think about our existence as a single individual within humanity as a whole collective. With eight billion people (and as long as we’re not on the Truman Show), the world is not about anyone. No matter what ethnic background, culture, religion, skin color or continent we are from, the earth is spinning at the same speed for all of us and our lifetime under the sun is not just limited – considering the time already past and perhaps still it is just a tiny spot in the universe – like a short flash of a star.


However, this should not mean that our lifetime would have no value – quite the contrary. Precisely because of their brevity, the lifetime of each individual is uncannily exclusive and valuable. It is therefore all the more important to make the best of the given time, with the means given, and perhaps even make a contribution in the world in which we leave our mark. Steve Jobs once put it very well in a meaningful metaphor … “We’re here to put a dent in the universe!” The quality of who we are and what we do is not defined by our words. It is only our actions that show who we really are. Bien sûr not a new knowledge yet, but one too often forgotten.



“Each artist’s work is autobiographical.”
Helga Polzin in Women’s Stories



But what does all this mean for myself, for a photographer, a part-time writer and art director? I’m not a rocket scientist and the iPhone has already been invented. Since I can not sing very well, I will not become a second Luciano Pavarotti. All that remains for me, therefore, is my attention, my camera, my ideas, thoughts and feelings and the knowledge of how I can understand all that in words and pictures. For me, I can say that I would like to make my personal contribution in this world and in my lifetime. All that I design or create must always and in any case express its significance – If it does not, it is at best something for social media and ultimately not sustainable … without reverberation!


Also, one should not be too influenced by external circumstances. It makes a difference if something comes from within, is drawn from the heart, or if it is simply just mended nonsense. The voices out there can be very loud sometimes. It is therefore all the more important to hide them, so that they do not influence our own work too much and that our creative work is not subconsciously determined by outsiders. Thus, the conclusion is that every “creative” moves very well in a small world of its own, a world in which a lot of things revolve around oneself. Only then can we achieve something “new” and “meaningful” at the end of the day – something that will be seen and heard for a long time to come.


Well, what I have created so far in my personal “little world”, you will find on these pages – unadorned, unretouched, reduced to the essentials – something real.


In this sense, all the best & have a good entertainment

Yours Alexander von Wiedenbeck